From the title of this article, it could go anywhere …

From the image, it’s going squarely towards my apple watch

I’ve been using it for about 2 months now, lots of people ask me “how do you find it?” or they ridicule me, fortunately, I have tough (and hairy)skin and they can “do one”

The apple watch was a BIG expensive experiment for me – bearing in mind the most I’d ever spent on a watch was £120 and I have not had a watch for at least 10yrs because I could get the time on my mobile

I did not see the point of having a watch and I found them a little uncomfortable to wear especially when typing, I’d normally take it off my wrist (bit counter intuitive) maybe it was the style of watch I used to wear – but I do see others do it.

Being a “digital marketer”, wanting to understand the art of the possible, and liking shiny new marketing things …

… I went for the cheapest version of the big screen … £340 lighter and a bit concerned that my children would have to go on bread and water for a few weeks, I strapped in/on for the wearable ride.

So what amazing element of insight do I have for you …

There’s the usual stuff …

The quantifiable self, is very interesting but because I cannot wear the watch when I play basketball I don’t get a true representation of how much exercise I do. I do want to learn more  about the quantifiable me and action it more – get fitter, lose weight blah blah blah

I almost feel like Michael Knight and as soon as the Tesla has AI and self-drive I think I’ll invest in a black leather jacket, Scouse Afro and some form of chest hair implant – bangin! On a serious note taking the odd call on my watch has been useful at times and really gave me an element of delight (really important in UX).

The clincher for me …

… is the notifications, configuring these so you don’t get every notification under the sun is important … That said I chose to keep my email notifications on …

And this is where it’s all going wrong, but also going very right.

I get so many notifications I find myself looking at my watch A LOT which to anyone else looks like I’m clock-watching and getting very bored of them. I’m not … Honest. So at the moment I’m finding myself explaining to people I’m not clock watching prior to conversations starting.

So while this causes a social issue…

… I’m managing my email much more efficiently, the nature of the small screen means I quickly discern if the email is important enough to go to my phone or laptop to respond or if it can be filed in spam, I’m not tempted to read in any more detail than the watch allows me. This is a bit of a breakthrough … I’m spending less time in my inbox which gives me more time to be productive.

Am I a bit of an always on addict? Yes.

Do I care? Not really, it’s my job and I actually enjoy it.

Final note, I said it in one of the vidcasts and also something quite similar in a recent presentation….

Putting your marketing messages through an apple watch is nigh on pointless, people are looking for brands that enhance their lives or make life easier, if you can’t do that don’t think about using the apple watch for marketing, think about its utility (same goes for all wearables and IoT), think product and experience not message.

Finally I’m still yet to find someone who owns a watch (and I have their number) to send them my heart beat (weird) or draw the something inappropriate and send to someone (think suntan cream and the inbetweeners)

So what’s your experience with an apple watch if you have one, or your opinion on them if you don’t

do you think we’ll see comparable levels of adoption over the next five years as we’ve seen iPad and iPhone?

Or have I wasted £340 … Time will tell … or someone with an opinion