Welcome to Break Neck Marketing. In our very first episode, Nick and I talk about reinvention, emotional marketing, and the latest tech buzzword, Internet of Things!

Break neck transcribed

Video 1: Welcome to Break Neck Marketing

The ‘it sounds like’

Joe: Well…

Nick: Gimme a sound’s like

Joe: (laughs), it sounds like, it sounds like for me, like there isn’t a versus at all – sound byte versus substance, it’s getting the balance right.

(both nod)

The reinvention

Nick: The worst offenders are the reinventing stuff.

Joe: Yea, I’d go with that.

Nick: So I want to talk to you about reinventing really obvious things (holds up a drawing).

Joe: Okay…

Nick: So, for example, and we are going to do something else after this. For example, reinventing things, let’s talk very quickly about emotional marketing.

Joe: Yea, okay. Oh yea, this is a good subject, this is a subject we talk way too much about


Nick: Yea, emotional marketing …

Joe: Yea…

Nick: …And people talk about emotional marketing like it’s this brand new, very exciting thing and ooh yea, emotional marketing – everyone’s writing about it, it’s the big piece of content that everyone’s talking about… B***sh**! Have you ever thought that marketing wasn’t actually acting and behaving emotionally for the last or since it’s ever been invented… the whole idea of selling things to people is all about making people want to buy things and influencing.

The 50 shades

Joe: So Google actually tested something like 51 shades of the colour blue to work out umm, how cliuckable the link would be. So, the search engine blue that you see in Google has been tested in 51 different types of colour blue to work out which one they could get to be more clickable…

Nick: I think that’s quite frightening

Joe: I think that’s frightening. I actually know a creative guy who left Google pretty much because of that


Joe: This has just gone to, you know, ends level of insane.

The Bunch of Arse

Nick: What about the Internet of Things. I think that’s a bunch arse.

Joe: Really?!

Nick: Yep, The Internet of Things is just… The Internet of Things… It’s the Internet… It’s everything… Why do you have to have the Internet of Things

Joe: Yea well… that’s…

Nick:  All of a sudden you’ve just created another bloody mystery of something that’s just the web.

Joe: (laughs)

Nick: What kinda bunch of arse is that

Joe: It is essentially just.. I mean, it is essentially connecting things to the internet…

Nick: (sceptically) Yea… Right…

Joe: (laughs) Which is exactly what you just said…

Nick: Yea…

Joe: So the Internet of Things kind of makes sense as a statement

Nick: Stuff on the Internet

Joe: Yea

Nick: Right… But it’s shrouded in mystery

Joe: It is

Nick: Right, okay… So it goes into a Bunch of Arse pot

Joe: Yea… Marketing bunch of arse pot. The problem with the Internet of Things is marketers have got no fu***** way of being anywhere near it.


Joe: Honestly… This stuff is for product developers. That’s why this stuff lies. People thinking about users’ experience and I’m not talking about ‘user experience’ . I’m talking about creating things that are useful for people.

The Card Game

Joe: Right…

Nick: What’s it say?

Joe: Driven

Nick: Okay… Shuffle shuffle shuffle

Joe: Agile

Nick: Driven Agile. That’s newly *****. We spoke about it last time.

Joe: (Holding out Agile card) That is… We got agile and we’ve got (holding out driven card) driven.

Nick: So how can agility may drive something to…

Joe: Driven you (laughter)

Nick: So 60 seconds… 60 seconds. This has to be based around… I don’t know… marketing

Joe: Agility… Yea, yea

Nick: Go

Joe: Well, I think that one of the things that have definitely happened because of social media is we’ve moved into a more agile environment where it’s not just about one big brand communication that goes out and you don’t change it, you have to think about changing it over a period of time… That could be real time… That could be by the hour, by the week, by the month. But we need to think about changing things and being more agile in the way we do things and that can also come down to budgeting. We all know…

Nick: 30 seconds

Joe: Thank you… Well, we all know we have set budgets to work with. We should be able to flex those budgets according to how we see performance…

Nick: Agility marketing campaigns… driven!

Joe: Marketing campaigns… and that drives you to have better campaigns. So agility drives better performance.

Nick: I like that

Joe: And but also, we also need to be driven in our marketing to think more about agility. So try, you know, you’ve got break that pattern…

Nick: Five…

Joe: Get that campaign out…

Nick: Four… Three…

Joe: And be driven to be more agile

Nick: Two… One… Thank you very much

Joe: BOOM! And I just said boom (laughter) and that needs to go

Nick: Right… Oh my turn

Joe: Yea

Nick: *********

Joe: shuffle shuffle shuffle

Nick: shuffle shuffle shuffle… I’ll have that one.. Ooh, this is interesting , links to another conversation we’ve had.

Joe: Okay…

Nick: Shuffle shuffle I’ll let you finger me that one right there

Joe: ****** making it easy, that’s all

Nick: See this is really good. I’m pleased… oops

Joe: I feel confident and approachable (dropped something) and a little bit inquisitive (holds up inquisitive) (laughter)

Nick: Ooh very good very good

Joe: Oops shit, shit (dropped something)

Nick: Right… Okay so the two cards I’ve got are courageous and colourful. We’ve had a conversation about colourful, I’m going to start with courageous and it’s very interesting. We’re going to 60 seconds and start…

Joe: Yea, I’ve got it

Nick: Right, okay… Courageous… This is really important. This is about being courageous in our approach to things. Now, quite often clients come to us and ask us, don’t give me the same old stuff, I wanna be different. I wanna get out there and do something really exciting and being courageous is incredibly important because it’s very easy to fall back into a comfort zone where you’re not really interesting, no one is going to say that it’s a crazy idea, no one said that you stepped over the edge but equally all the results are going to be equally the same. If you’re not kind of brave nor are your results going to be brave. Think it’s really important in marketing to have conviction in some big brave bold ideas and get out and at least test them. I think there’s some real room for more people to be more courageous in what they do for marketing, both in their ideas and in their planning and in their media and all that kind of stuff.

Joe: You’ve got… you’re alright.

Nick: Colourful! How long do I have?

Joe: You got 20 seconds

Nick: I guess that colour goes a bit with courageous – it’s about standing out and it’s not literally using colour, it’s about being colourful, people are colourful. They’re colourful in the way they talk, in the way they dress, in the way they behave. Sometimes we’re guilty of being literally grey so we need to be as colourful as our audience are. And thank you, and good night!

Joe: What I find, our audience is grey (laughter)

Nick: Then 50 shades of grey

Joe: Right okay, now, that’s a fairly colourful movie (laughter)


Source: MOI