With the New Year now upon us use your website to generate leads by increasing the exposure of your business, whatever your marketing budget.

Increasing targeted visitors to your site

There are various of methods of getting visitors to your site, below are some of them:

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which encapsulates; Pay per click and banner advertising.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) the process of increasing the amount of visitors to your site by ranking high in the results returned by a search engine.
  • Social Networking and blogging, by joining online communities and writing as an expert, people will naturally look to other places associated with you and your company.
  • Offline – Direct marketing, tele-services (on hold messages), advertisements.

Once you have visitors you can then generate that all-important lead

Convert visitors to qualified leads

To convert visitors into leads which you can then pass to your sales team, you must provide them with items of value in return for their basic information. This does not mean put a web form on every page they visit, instead you could look to provide ‘calls to action’ that will entice your users, providing a simple process to enter information about themselves and access the valuable information they’re interested in.

Below are some ideas that you could provide your visitors with to help conversion. Most of these methods may involve man-hours to maintain, but should not have a significant impact on your budget:

  • Sell your products or services online. The ultimate conversion and as online procurement holds steady while the high street declines, it’s a sure fire method, to bring the sales in.
  • Order forms for free samples or a free trial of a service, which can be followed up at the appropriate time.
  • Provide a newsletter subscription service. Provide valuable content in your newsletters, do not make it sales-orientated and ensure it will provide benefits to your users. Also ensure you can deliver content regularly and inform users prior to sign up of the frequency and the type of content they can expect.
  • Register to access “premium content” – whitepapers, presentations, articles, etc. This can be a great, budget free method, that may take some effort in man hours but can generate great results.
  • “Call me now” or live online chat that prompts users to speak directly to a contact within your company as soon as they reach the site, and gives you an immediate direct link to your visitors.
  • Registrations for seminars, webinars or events. This can build a relationship with your company and your visitor ten-fold, turning you into a expert in the field. With valuable offerings such as these you can normally ask for more detailed information, such as business size, job title, turnover and etc.

Measure your success to guide your efforts

Establish analysis systems to monitor the success of your lead generation methods, some of the following metrics should help:

  • Total leads.
  • Conversion rate – visitor to lead ratio.
  • Average cost per lead.
  • Average revenue per lead.
  • Web visitors by targeting method (i.e. search engine, Pay-per-click, direct mail, etc.)
  • Leads by conversion technique.
  • Lead conversions by targeting method.

By monitoring these and others you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts. Leverage of this knowledge can enhance your efforts and significantly improve your marketing results in the future.