I rarely post such personal stuff on my social networks, until mum passed, to some it may seem weird, and that’s ok, for me it was a way of reaching out to friends and family and has really helped me get through a lot of it. So here is the the final note on the very personal moment in my life, thank you all who have helped me, my mum, brother and dad, not only through this but everything we do / have done in our lives ….

BIG THANKS to everyone who attended the celebration of mum’s life … under the circumstances it was a great day and truly tremendous to see so many amazing people. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated, we raised close to £1500 for Lupus, for those still wanting to donate please go here.

I’ll leave you with my Tribute to Mum.

Things I’ve learnt from Mum

I’ve Learnt … It’s fun to jump in puddles
I’ve Learnt …It’s ok to have ketchup on roast dinner or any food for that matter
I’ve Learnt …To play the cards your dealt in life to the best of your ability
I’ve Learnt …That colour coordination is not something to ever worry about
I’ve Learnt …That its ok to have a water fight in the house (as long as you avoid the TV) but we’re still not doing that in our house Fletcher and Quincy
I’ve Learnt …That formula one the best sport in the world, well after basketball and skiing
I’ve Learnt …To stay strong even when you are weak so others don’t worry
I’ve Learnt …To encourage everyone in their passions
I’ve Learnt …To support your other (in my case better) half
I’ve Learnt … Fletcher and Quincy – To be kind and useful
I’ve Learnt …That its ok to send your 5yr old down a cave with your husband (Kate)
I’ve Learnt …That the Beatles are the best band in the world
I’ve Learnt …That’s its better to be silly than be serious
I’ve Learnt …Hugs are really important
I’ve Learnt …That however much of a good idea you think it is to go swimming in the river wey … It’s not!
I’ve Learnt …That it does not matter how much of a little tinker you are, its best to forgive
I’ve Learnt …That its not cool to turn your lounge into a workshop (Dad)
I’ve Learnt …To love malteasers
I’ve Learnt …How to make a mean chilli con carne sandwhich
I’ve Learnt …That taking the scenic route is confusing and not efficient (Dad)
I’ve Learnt …Time waits for no nobody, live everyday to your fullest and enjoy every moment you have

And finally….
I’ve Learnt …The royal family rock, but not as much as your own family

To everyone I care about in this life, I love you all

Normal service resumes …