Below are the chapters we intend to include in The Social Media Too Kit and a brief synopsis, have we missed anything? What would you like to see in the book? Is there anything you feel a little unnecessary? Remember when commenting the aim of the book is to provide an end to end guide and practical tools for businesses to enter into social media.Book

  1. Introduction
    1. Pro’s and Cons of social media
    2. About the Book
    3. About the authors
  2. Objectives
    1. Socialising business objectives
  3. Strategy/Planning
    1. Social SOSTAC
    2. How SM fits into Marketing Planning
  4. Tactics/Tools
    1. POST
    2. Social Technographics
    3. Channels
  5. Measurement/ROI
    1. Quantitative
    2. Qualitative
    3. Tools to use
  6. Culture Change
    1. Common fears
      1. Stakeholders
      2. Resources
      3. ROI
      4. Brand reputation
    2. Tools to instigate social culture change in the business
  7. What not to do?
    1. Examples of social media that went wrong, and why.
    2. Check list to safe guard yourself.
  8. Community stories
    1. Your chance to tell us your success stories please add – we’ll have more details on this soon
  9. Automation & Integration
    1. Pro’s and Cons
    2. How to
  10. Conclusion
    1. The future of social media
    2. The future of this blog and book
  11. References
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