Below is a synopsis of infographics and their benefits.

  • Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.
  • There are essentially three types of inforgraphic:

The benefits of infographics are quite substantial:

    • They deliver complex information as an easily understandable image
    • In modern society we have less and less time, infographics allow us to get information across quickly
    • Creating this compelling imagery can help the content to stand out from the overload of messaging we receive in our daily lives
    • People only remember about 20% of what they read, Infographics increase reading retention (Report J6 Design)
    • Highly sharable 73% of people that have shared a piece of content say they have understood it more thoroughly (New Your Times Study)
    • The action of sharing increases brand recall by 63% (Barnum and Sully report 2011)
    • Brand reinforcement – The viral nature of infographics can help reinforce your brand in the market place
    • Prospect engagement – give you greater reach and something for your RMs to talk about with clients and prospects
    • Carefully placed infographics (where others can embed it on their own blogs and sites) can extend your influence

A great video to watch on data visualisation by David McCandless who is one of the pioneers in this space.