1. Promote the chat events in a timely fashion and ensure you let people know what they can expect from the chat
  2. Use Tweetdeck or hootsuite to search for the required hashtag and view the stream
  3. Establish some ground rules for the discussion, including how long the chat will last, what type of behavior is inappropriate and guidance to participants for staying on topic. If possible, create a place for these rules to live online for easy reference via a link at the beginning of the chat.
  4. Try to stay neutral. The moderator’s job isn’t to agree or disagree with parts of the discussion (though, it certainly may be appropriate at times), but instead to simply keep track of the progress of the discussion and move it along at a steady pace.
  5. Follow active participants while the chat is happening this will give you a greater chance of being followed back
  6. Acknowledge constructive comments with a RT, but make sure you add to it, simply “A vaild point” or “great point thanks for sharing” may be enough
  7. Encourage debate, pick out two users who have polarized opinions, mention them both in the same tweet and ask them to elaborate on their thoughts
  8. Ensure you mention any key links that may be of use to the audience at the end of the chat / don’t force the sell at the end this will discourage users to return for the next chat
  9. Sign the chat off at the end thanking everyone and the key or guest hosts/speakers
  10. Ensure you capture the conversation (you can do this with a hoot suite account, ensure you set it up prior to the chat) and then post the chat to your blog, highlighting any key moments. Then tweet the link back out to your audience mentioning any key/influencial users.

    1. Links below show how to do this
    2. http://help.hootsuite.com/entries/21840213-creating-an-archive
    3. http://help.hootsuite.com/entries/21844177-viewing-and-downloading-an-archive