• My BrandNew BrandJoe Logo I’ve just finalised the design of my logo and I honestly think it’s been one of the easiest logo’s I have ever designed which is unusual because I normally struggle when producing my own work. I though I’d write this post to give you a little background on my design process and thoughts behind it. […] brandjoe 0 Comments 17th May 2009
  • Dropbox There have been plenty of posts about Dropbox, but in my bid to help promote the webapps I love more in 2009 here’s my version, it’s a great tool that has saved my skin on more than one occasion and I could not recommend more highly! Store, share and synchronise your files easily online. brandjoe 0 Comments 15th January 2009
  • Turn Your Site into a Lead-Making Engine With the New Year now upon us use your website to generate leads by increasing the exposure of your business, whatever your marketing budget. Increasing targeted visitors to your site There are various of methods of getting visitors to your site, below are some of them: brandjoe 0 Comments 9th January 2009
  • My Marketing Diploma with the CIM Now I’ve passed my Professional Diploma with the Chartered Insitute of Marketing (DipM ACIM) I thought I’d write about it, and post my assignments online for anyone who wants them. brandjoe 0 Comments 4th January 2009
  • Happy Christmas Everybody Just a very quick post, to say Happy Christmas to everyone. I know I don’t update my blog as often as I’d like but I plan to change that in 2009 with some New Years resolutions…..and I have a feeling despite the downturn in Economy I think 2009 could be a big year for a […] brandjoe 0 Comments 17th December 2008
  • Canvases I’ve Produced So some time ago I set up a site with a friend putting artist’s we liked online, giving people the opportunity to buy limited edition canvases of their artwork, brandjoe 0 Comments 16th November 2008
  • Great Direct Mail Watch the Video, this came from www.thedesignlab.net really impressed after receiving it, it prompted me to go straight to their site to find out more, just wish there had been a bit more than a contact form, apart from that it really got my attention and is making me think of seasonal direct mail campagins […] brandjoe 0 Comments 26th October 2008
  • Emailing your clients to get the best possible readership and return So you’ll probably find loads of posts about this online….but here’s my version of the truth In last months email we spoke about methods of marketing using comparatively low Internet technologies to help your budget in economic down turn. This month we’ll discuss good practices when using one of these methods – emailing your clients […] brandjoe 0 Comments 29th September 2008
  • The Design Process – Octopus I’ve been working for Strike Designs on Brand Identity, Graphic Design of a Web Developement…….We’ve finalised the Octopus logo!! With quite a few tweaks to the initial idea.  After several discussions and meetings with regard to brand and company positioning we set to generate approximately 10 different designs, some of these are below. This gave […] brandjoe 0 Comments 10th September 2008
  • Bad economic times – Use Technology In this time of economic down turn, most business owners will know they must be proactive, which includes the need to maintain spend on marketing and advertising. For some businesses, economic down turn can even provide great business opportunities, as this is a time when potential customers are looking for methods to better their bottom […] brandjoe 0 Comments 18th August 2008

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