• The Power of Influencer Marketing It’s powerful, its social, everybody’s talking about it – Influencer Marketing is a great way to enhance your brand’s exposure and company awareness, however, many marketers struggle to harness the power of influencer marketing and execute this effective medium correctly. Leading B2B leaders from across the industry (Neville Hobson, Tim Hughes, Thomas Power and Leo Odden) joined me at […] brandjoe 0 Comments 7th March 2016
  • The Future of Content The era of content marketing is starting to enter a crisis zone; it strives to overcome the stereotype of purely creating bad and irrelevant content, which unfortunately results in many brands struggling to have their marketing messages heard. At this years Drum Content Marketing Breakfast I joined Simon Baker (Head of branded content at ITN […] brandjoe 0 Comments 1st March 2016
  • 2016 Un-predictions This post is my anti-post against all those “best of 2015” and “what to expect in 2016” and “12 days of marketing” posts that are drowning my social feeds at the moment! Here are my 4 un-predictions (yes I know it’s not a word, but we make up so many words in marketing I thought […] brandjoe 0 Comments 17th December 2015
  • Social Media: How to get into your customer’s Personal Zone Interview with Sam Hall, Corporate Communications Director and Social Strategist, Oracle Social media has given brands more and better opportunities than ever to talk directly to customers in their own space. But equally, customers have more opportunities than ever to shut brands out of their personal zones. Technology giant Oracle is renowned for its successful […] brandjoe 0 Comments 17th November 2015
  • On the trail of the digital footprint The following is a presentation I delivered recently for the IDM. It’s about some of the ways your digital footprint can be tracked, and what that means in terms of the responsibility an organisation carries when it collects data from the individuals who connect with it. So what’s a digital footprint? The Internet Society explains it like this: […] brandjoe 0 Comments 5th November 2015
  • Social Media Week: what was all the noise about? Did you follow Social Media Week last week? The September edition took place in four cities around the world: London, Miami, Rotterdam, and São Paulo. 400 individual events took place, with 600 speakers, exploring the chosen theme for 2015 “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of the Connected Class,” and, more specifically, asking: “how can all humans achieve more […] brandjoe 0 Comments 24th September 2015
  • I’m an Addict Hi I’m Joe. And I’m an addict. But I never really realised how much of an addict until the moment my colleague,https://twitter.com/katie_royce (please feel free to berate her on social) put my iPhone in her cup of tea… So in the two weeks I then spent without a phone, what happened? Foaming at the mouth? Nervous […] brandjoe 0 Comments 11th September 2015
  • Are you content with your content? For about five years now I’ve been talking to clients about content, as well as delivering courses on the subject for the IDM – two factors that suggest to me that content marketing is reaching a state of maturity. So how can it still be that only 35% of marketers have a documented content strategy […] brandjoe 0 Comments 3rd September 2015
  • A Guide to Social Walls Here at MOI we do quite a lot of events – over 200 a year across the globe. Social Wall’s are pretty much the norm for events these days, so we thought we’d put together a quick guide so you can make the right choice for your event. Power to you.   Source: MOI brandjoe 0 Comments 11th August 2015
  • B2B UX: The great oxymoron B2B software and websites do not deliver the same experience as their B2C counterparts. Why? And what should we do about it? I explore this area in depth in the current issue of the IDM Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, but read on for the abridged version. Let’s start with what I […] brandjoe 0 Comments 6th July 2015

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