One flippant remark from me about giving away free coffee as a “Marketing campaign” seemed to ignite a few other peoples opinion, here it all is below, starting with my initial remark:

Everyone keeps going on about this Starbucks campaign – surely it’s easy to get people into your shop if your giving them something for free maybe I’m being cynical, but lets see if it boosts sales – the jury is out!

@tbush “Think this is quite a good campaign. Got lots of people talking, especially online. The equivalent in paid media, in terms of reach, would have been pretty extensive. Something different to the competition, if nothing else…”

@KleinbartLDS “I was just in London queuing for 20-30 minutes just to get my normal cappucino. They sure didn’t ask me my name.”

@charliesaidthat “Yeah, tis a fair point. Most companies don’t get so much chatter about their free offer or polarize opinion so much though. Getting talked about has to be key to this campaign. I think the name thing is irrelevant but a nice touch to customer service. Reminding people to come in though… Forms habits… We’ll see. :))”

@cherrylmartin “What I liked best was integration w/email & perks for rewards members”

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, I’d definitely agree that it was a well executed campaign using multiple channels to find their audience and get talked about. I don’t think the name thing has worked to be honest, while a nice touch in principle, from what i’ve heard from other people, it did not happen in store, probably because the shops were too busy!! I do think it’s a bit of an unoriginal way to encourage footfall, giving away free product, but unoriginal ideas can work as well as others and I suppose they are more tried and tested, it just did not capture my imagination. As for changing hearts, minds and habits I’ll stick with Caffe Nero‘s better coffee and their loyalty scheme.

Any more thoughts on this campaign, I’d love your views! For me the jury is still out and I’d love to see the numbers on this to see if they have improved sales.