I’m speaking at B2B Marketing Summit on the 14th of June. The venue is the Brewery, I hope it stands up to its name!

Below are few questions I have been asked to introduce my presentation and my answers.

Why should marketers be concentrating on content marketing now, isn’t content marketing another word for marketing?

Content marketing could be misconstrued for marketing but in the last 5 years content and data have exploded, people and businesses need to be more strategic with the content they are producing which is why the term content marketing I believe has evolved.

By strategic I mean ensuring content fits in with the wider business objectives and inbound marketing strategy, but also ensuring the content is getting cut through and is creative rather than simply producing yet another whitepaper, which the b2b space seem to hold very dear.

Your presentation is titled, discover what good content looks like, what does it look like? Video?

Good content marketing looks like something that solves a problem, is relevant to the audience, inspires sharing and conversation, and achieves its goals.

What will people get from your presentation?

The presentation will inspire people to create great content and and think about the best ways to promote their content.