SmokinSigs is a webapp from Strike Designs and Brand Joe. We’ve collaborated to create a new communication tool on a personal level and a new channel to market in the business arena…. and at the moment that’s all I can say as we have a competition on for 30 free pro accounts for life. 30 lucky people who can guess exactly what this new web app will do will win these accounts… for all the details please visit SmokinSigs

Today, after a month of voting, SmokinSigs finally has a Logo decided on by our prospective users.  The winning logo is below and the SmokinSigs website will be updated in the next couple of days.Pen Fire

We are still asking that people guess what SmokinSigs does…. bit weird announcing a new webapp and asking people to suggest what it may do, but we wanted to start this app off with a twist and really get users involved from the get go, by doing this it has also helped stem ideas, those users who may not of got it exactly right have come up with other ideas for the app that we may well use in the future.

So an unusual method to launch this app by asking people to 1. choose the logo and 2. guess what the app does. But it’s really proved beneficial as it provides buy-in and feedback from the get go…

To stay updated with what SmokinSigs is doing you can follow us on twitter here and join our facebook page

Please tell your friends about this new webapp and competition and if you have any comments about what we’re doing add them in the comments below…. especially to do with the design of the new logo and our method of communications so far.