In a recent report that small business owners are guilty of serious levels of website neglect, this came from Netflare who conducted a survey at the end of 2007 covering 19 small business sectors.

Apparently 23% of sites had not been updated since their launch and the average age of a web site was four years.

Pretty rubbish really considering the amount that can change in 4 years that should be communicated to customers, and the fact that consumers using the net to buys goods and services has increased substantially with January showing record breaking figures for UK online sales which equated to £75 per person in the UK for the month on January and only 8% of these small business had capabilities for e-commerce.

Another shocking fact from Netflare was 25% of companies had had no way of tracking sales generated from hits to their site. over 1/3 had either had not budgeted or had no budget or plans to regularly update their site.

Google Analytics is a free, very easy to set up reporting system which will let web site managers know how successful they are – why are business just not investing a little time even if they have no budget?

The UK has the most active online population of any country in Europe yet small business’s do not seem to be wise to making the most from this, some 72% of those 21 million logging in everyday are using the net to make purchases.

I think its time small businesses in the UK began to wake up to the fact that e-commerce is a viable and lucrative revenue stream (implemented correctly) and look to make room in their strategies and budgets to enhance what they do online to increase profits.

Next Blog I need to talk about design and get off this business tip for a little while. Should be visiting Bansky’s Gallery in Easter Hols so will let you know what I thought then.