The second screen, for those of you who are unaware of the terminology, is essentially taking the idea that your mobile device whether smartphone, tablet or even in some cases laptop can accompany what you are viewing. The pretence is that more and more people are using these devices at home while watching TV. A few examples are:

Zeebox (recently bought by sky) can pull in social conversation around the web and aggregate other media relevant to the show and make it available for download – a great tool and really builds conversation around shows being like minds together.

X Factor has created a clap-o-meter for its show giving people the opportunity for the tv audience to interact with the show increasing engagement.

Walking the Dead created a game where you can count the number of zombies killed as the show goes on, keeps the audience really focused on the action and has added an element of play.

While these are great examples of second screen executions it’s actually the underlying principles of these apps that we should take into account the most. How can we apply the second screen philosophy for our companies i.e. how can you use portable devices to accompany business activities but more importantly deepen the relationship and increase engagement with your audience.

Each company will have its own business objectives, but it’s the user that must take centre stage when deciding to deploy mobile applications, zeebox has allowed users to join the conversion, x-factor has given users the chance to have an opinion, walking the dead has created some fun.

For a moment take away you need to sell a product or service, what mobile application would you create to help and engage your audience?

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