I recently attended a seminar from Omniture based around stats, analytics and optimisation, it was aptly called From Cliques to Clicks.There where two parts of the seminar I feel need sharing with you and expanding on:ReachIf you were to target 51 million web users in the UK (all of them) running a standard email campaign your conversion rate on those users will be 5000 once you funnel through the the bounces, opens, click throughs and final conversions (based on average rates). 5000 may sound like a big big number but it’s only 0.01% of 51m so as soon as you start to decrease your target audience, you’ll see your conversion numbers rapidly decrease too.I’m sure at this point your wondering why I’m discussing email marketing on a social media blog, but the numbers here are important… What can you do to increase the reach of your campaign?I think you need to think about reach two ways:

  1. The number or volume of people you target, and how you can extend this past traditional digital methods.
  2. The emotional reach of your campaign can help you increase your conversion rates, which brings me nicely onto my second stat of the night.

When social media is used in conjunction with existing campaigns you can see a 9% of uplift in brand recognition, 20% increase in Ad recall and a 6% increase in purchase intent (Source: Nielsen Company / Facebook).Essentially this means when your target audience have a better understanding of your brand and with this (over time) an emotional attachment, this should leave them more open to suggestion or offers you may wish to put in front of them. Social media is great for engagement and nurturing the conversation (we hopefully all know this). This creates a longer tail to your campaign which may mean conversion will happen at a later stage or even as apart of another campaign, but this will help you build an audience to communicate to on a regular basis. The emotional part of this is the attachment: Give users, value, relevance and a platform to voice opinion, nurture the relationship and and they will grow to love and advocate your brand.So next time your running a campaign (on or offline) think about what you can do to optimise it via social channels to increase your reach, it could be as simple as adding a link to your facebook page where you can continue the campaign conversation or even just make the content your providing to your target audience more shareable so they can pass it on (making it viral).What methods have you seen out there for increasing reach of more traditional campaigns via social? (No one mention old spice … it’s cheating)

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