I’m really excited right now. Excited to be starting a brand new chapter in my life, joining a great organisation and a talented, market leading team.

In my new role at Sage, Director Global Campaign Development, I’ll be responsible (in part, it’s a team effort) for driving repeatable, predictable and scalable global programmes which create value for our audience and enable Sage to expand, and I couldn’t be joining at a better time. After a period of rapid growth, Sage is going through some monumental change. And while we all know change can be challenging, it’s also inevitable. It’s there so we stay relevant – and for me that’s a huge positive. So I’m excited about who I’ll be joining, what I’ll be bringing and the challenge that lies ahead for the whole team.

Great people make a great business

I’m really looking forward to working with my new colleagues – all marketing leaders in their fields (they know who they are *Hat Tips*), and of course my new boss, Neil Morgan, recently announced as a Top 100 European B2B marketer.  I hope to learn huge amounts from them, while bringing my own marketing style to Sage campaigns – a style my previous boss (thanks Andrew) described in an email as “AUTHENTIC. CREATIVE. INTELLIGENT.” (his upper case, not mine!).

What will I be bringing to Sage?

I have two firm beliefs that I intend to bring to my new role. The first is based on consumer psychology and is backed up by my own first-hand marketing experiences.

  1. Actions speak louder than words.

I believe that the most effective way to change behaviour is through action rather than persuasion (and if you want to delve deeper into this, The Advertising Effect is a great book to read). My aim is to bring more action to our campaigns, past the click, share and like metrics. I want to create marketing experiences that feel more like movements than marketing and that drive the demand the business needs to grow.

It’s also how we will differentiate. There have been some worrying statistics thrown around recently, revealing that most large B2B firms find differentiation difficult. This is partly down to brand restrictions, but I believe differentiation will come from the actions our marketing efforts bring about. No more lip-service! Taking the multitouch approach is obviously an important one, but we absolutely must tap into the crowd culture. We need to find ways to get people talking about our brand in their space – and for our marketing to have an effect in that environment, we better make sure there’s some value in it!

  1. Imagination and graft are more important the knowledge and talent

While I would never dispute the importance of knowledge (why else would you find me endlessly scouring the internet, or checking my alerts for the latest trends, technologies, research findings and techniques?), my second belief is that all the knowledge in the world is useless without the imagination to do something with it.

To be successful at what you do, you need to keep working hard. So hard work (along with some fun too), finding the information you need, and being creative with it are the attributes I’ll be looking for from the people I work with.

Why Sage?

As well as the prospect of the exciting challenge, I actually I have another affinity with Sage. When I left university I couldn’t get a job (the dot com bubble had just gone pop) so I set up my own business. I struggled with tax, paying people and managing my small team, and it had a really negative effect on what I loved doing: web design. At the time, I wasn’t aware of Sage or their support, and I so wish I had been. I am genuinely amazed at how much Sage cares about the small guy  and about making businesses successful, whatever stage they’re at – especially given the size Sage is; we all started somewhere small. (Just go to read how Stephen writes on his blog).

But enough of the past. What of the future? The challenge ahead is a big one, without doubt, especially as Sage continues through its transformation process. But with great people, superb products and inventive, creative thinking, the future is exciting beyond words. And that’s the whole point.

Now for your challenge

I’m fortunate to already know some of the team I’ll be working with, and I know they have similar stories, attributes and aspirations to mine. But as Sage grows, so will my team, so if you’d like to join me on this exciting journey – whether you already work at Sage, looking for a new challenge or you’re one of our agencies (MOI, April Six, MarketOne, Freedman, OgilvyNeo, Coffee), and you have ideas on how our campaigns can be better, I want to hear them! So please get in touch – either @brandjoe or right here on LinkedIn.