This was written by one of my colleagues which went round internally, she kindly said I could post it here to give you all an update. Anyway you can follow her here @tinyterrapin.

Facebook Pages changed yesterday and this will may affect some of your client’s pages. Pages are now able to use the ‘Timeline’ format that a lot of you are probably using for your personal profile now.

The main changes are highlighted below. There are also a few companies who have said they are uploading training videos.

If your clients are using Facebook Tabs, please recommend that they don’t change over just yet as Facebook are working on some bugs. There are known bugs with the Tabs not refreshing once users become a new Fan of the Page.


Look and Feel
You can now have a cover photo that fills the width of the Page. The profile avatar image is now square too (this is the image that shows when you post). The Timeline is split into two columns and the further down the Page, the older the posts are. The Timeline is divided by month and year, a viewer can skip to a particular date. You can highlight Milestones on the page to help create the brand story. There is no longer a left hand side navigation (therefore Tabs are not as easy to find – see below)

Reduced Tab visibility
Tabs will now appear in the boxes underneath the cover photo.
Only THREE tabs are viewable at a time.

No default landing Page
This is likely to be a issue with some of our clients as I know that a fair number of these have been created. Messaging will become even more important as the top posts will be the first thing a visiting user will see. You can NOT set a Tab as a default landing page – Advertising will be the only way to do this!

One post can be Featured content
You can select ONE post to Feature at the top of the Page. (You can ‘pin’ content in the same way that you can make a blog post ‘sticky’ so that it stays at the top of the page). You can only ‘pin’ an item for 7 days or until you pin another post. Example: Brands could use the ‘pinned’ post as a call-to-action to highlight the new position of the tabs, increase Page Likes etc.

Current Tabs and applications are now out of date!
The width has increased. Applications will need new icons that appear as one of the three Tab spaces

Private messages between the brand and users
Brands will be able to send and receive private messages with users. This is a big deal !! It will really help brands to be able to interact with customers and also take customer service queries off of the main timeline.

All of the above is very exciting but will also mean a lot of brands who don’t update their Page regularly with new content or who don’t reply to users will have terrible looking Pages. The emphasis is now even more on creating a story, creating new content and engaging the users.