Now I’ve passed my Professional Diploma with the Chartered Insitute of Marketing (DipM ACIM) I thought I’d write about it, and post my assignments online for anyone who wants them.

I have never been the most academic of people and was glad I could find a course that was 100% coursework based, as me, exams and revision do not go hand in hand.  I am happy with my results based the amount of time I could dedicate to getting the work completed along with my full time time employment and the freelance work I do on the side.

So the course consisted of five one-day workshops and off and on-line reading / lessons. The course lasted 5 months, and it pretty much did what it says on the tin (or web link). It was flexible enough for me to do my day job and get qualified.  The course has really helped to focus me within my skill sets and think about business benefits more and more, something with can be very handy when looking at business end of graphic and web design.

I think the only down I found to the course was the lack of support, but I think that’s the nature of distance learning, and as a pro, it proved I was self motivated enough to get the work completed, although I did this in my usual student last minute style (I’ve always found I work better under pressure).

So my results, as I said considering my time contraints and my non acedemic nature I’m happy 😉

Planning – C
Research – B
Communication – B
Management – C

Click Here – cimassignments – for the assignments (4MB zip file – 4xPDF’s)

I’d recommend this course for anyone who feels they want to formaise their markeing skills into a qualifaction but is still in full time employment.