Personalise content, measure responses and get a great return on your investment.

With Strike I recently launched a new, low-cost bpo marketing campaign that has utilised both a glossy, personalised print and a unique matching micro site. This combination of media has given Strike the ability to finely target a specific audience and measure in great detail the number of responses and amount of interest the campaign generates.

We’ve developed a system which allows us to generate personalised duplicates of the same micro site and it has given us a real advantage when we launch our direct mail campaigns.

How does it work?

The most significant ‘call to action’ within our direct mail campaign is a personalised web address, unique to the recipient, i.e. “Go to{recipient’s-name} to find out more”.


The fact that this web address has the company or recipient’s name within it has proven to really catch the reader’s attention and rouses intrigue. The contact is thinking ‘what have they published online about me or my company?’ which makes them want to visit the site.

This intrigue is the first step of our measurement: Brilliant! The direct mail campaign has grabbed their attention and we know the contact has visited their personal space on our site because we receive an automated email to let us know, great first step!

The next level of measurement, to help us establish the specific interests of our new visitor and the services that may benefit them, is to track any further pages they visit on our site.

Since we already have the visitor’s contact name, and phone number in our database, we can then follow this up with a call. We have a good idea now of their specific interests, so we have a better conversion rate and we save a lot of time, for us and the new client!

What other mixed media marketing methods have you used, how successful have they been? Tell me more, or if you would like to find out further information with regard to implementing this method for your own business please get in contact.