Ten easy ways to fully utilise comparatively low-cost Internet technologies over traditional marketing mediums

Travel less: save time, money and reduce your carbon emissions

Use web conferencing technologies such as Skype or MSN to meet with customers and suppliers. Add the money you’ve saved to your marketing budget or bottom-line

Provide incentives for on-site subscription

Build a database of potential customers by offering free white-papers or helpful information once they’ve signed up.

Become a trusted industry expert through a new channel to market
Enage a new audience whilst away from their computer by discussing relevant news and information through  podcasting.

Encourage repeat visits to your web-site

Keep your website’s content fresh, up to date and accurate to increase customer awareness and prompt sale

Monitor the success of your marketing campaigns in realtime
Guage click-through interest via email, Pay Per Click, banner advertising etc. something you could never do with print

Gain greater understanding of your client base
Traditional focus-groups, surveys and questionnaires are expensive. Create an online community for free with products like UserVoice, Get Satisfaction and Wufoo or host a forum on your site

Sell your products and services with greater clarity
Publish screencasts (web video) and online presentations to demonstrate your products & services and build rapport

Engage with potential customers
Build a rapport; get involved in forums, social networks and online communities that are of interest to your target audience

Keep your contacts informed

Enhance your emails; add company news and information within your signature

Dress to impress

Your site is another salesperson, ensure it’s optimised to continue making sales