Pinterest seems to be the latest booming social platform out there so I find myself asking the same question is there space for it in a B2B Marketers social media strategy. For those of you who have missed this one Pinterest is essentially a book marking tool where user can categorise things that interest them, this is a highly visual experience, users can also take photos on their mobile device, but essentially it’s a curation tool over anything else. Yet another book marking tool I hear, and you’re probably right but it seems to of exploded into the market place and is reported to be driving more traffic than google+, YouTube and Linkedin combined. Even with their invite only policy their numbers are growing rapidly (approx 4 million as it stands) and they have just received an additional 27 million investment, so there are definitely people out there who think this will work. Interestingly the numbers they are heavily skewed toward females which currently have around 80% of the usage.

I think there are some obvious advantages to using pinterest within your marketing strategy, the obvious place to start would be the more you can get you online content pinned the stronger your SEO will become (add the pin button to your site). Other uses may include content distribution particularly for anything visual, infographics is probably an obvious one here but what about product images, event photos from your attendees networks. There are also opportunities to collaborate with other users, this could be used in-house as a news board to highlight industry news or as an curation exercise displaying your knowledge of the industry through what you decide to pin. Open boards themselves do provide you with a method of creating a niche and mixing 3rd party content with your own is a great way to boost SEO and get your content into the correct niche space.

While all these are solid ideas for methods to use it i do wonder if the platform has legs right now, for me, it’s falling down in places that for me would turn it from essentially a book marking tool into more of a fully fledged network, primarily it’s really hard to find and follow people, they have focused more on the content than the people creating/curating it, but perhaps we don’t need that for this platform, perhaps the reason this has been successful so far is for it’s intelligent simplicity.

The platform itself at the moment seems to be a gold mine for the consumer retail industries at first glance of the network you notice just how much product is sitting on the site, much of it focused around fashion, this probably has quite a bit to do with the current demographic.

I’ve given pinterest a go, the app is sitting on my iPhone, but for me it sits on my last screen where it will probably stay,if I don’t decide to delete it, I’m more interested in creating content that people want to share, and already have my book marking tool which I have been using for years I’m going to be hard pushed to move from it to pinterest. While I believe there is use for it’s application in the b2b space, it’s not really been designed for that so retro fitting these networks can often mean your neglecting the ones that really matter to your business.

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