Before we start I’m not here to help you find your next partner. What I am here to help you with is how to find the right business or marketing partner to buddy up with when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Joining up with partners is a great way to help you amplify your content and raise your brand’s awareness, the possibilities are endless.  But exactly how effective are these channels and how can they contribute to our marketing efforts? Here are a few simple ways in which you can buddy up:

Partner up

In recent years this idea of partnering up has gone from strength to strength and can be an effective tool for leveraging and sharing your content.

The Startup van is a great example of a content community helping others. Their aim is to change the way we consume content by helping start-ups share their story. The way’s in which they do this is by collecting authentic and engaging business stories from each business in London and market these stories through the power of video, to help drive social media channels.

At Sage we partnered up with The StartUp Van to help provide us with content for our social media channels through the #humansofbusiness campaign. Ran by our very own Global Content Manager, Beatrice Whelan, this campaign helped us to target the relevant audiences, share content, create social engagement and push the promotion of the Sage Summit. The stats speak for themselves:

Influencer marketing: the next big thing  

  • 5.5m impressions for #humansofbusiness
  • Over 25,000 people were reached with a Facebook Live video from the Sage Summit Event
  • A huge boost in social activity and web traffic for the Sage Summit from the UK

Through interesting interviews and entrepreneurial advice, this way of sharing is a fantastic way of helping others raise brands awareness.

Influencer marketing: the next big thing  

It’s simple, easy and powerful. A humble retweet can go far (very far), and with some of the Top 100 B2B influencers having a combined follower base of 2.4 million, why shouldn’t marketers jump on this marketing phenomenon and leverage the power on influencers?  But wait, before you start jumping on the hype, make sure you follow these golden rules:

1. Chose the right influencers to share your content: take the time to get to know them, making sure they’re right ones for you and vice versa

2. Understand the exchange: be it content, payment or a simple boost in profile, clarify this before the relationship takes place

3. Never underestimate their power: these people are dominant, credible and trusted. A great opportunity for you to harness this trust and take advantage

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