What is E?

E is a service that integrates all your existing social services into an E•ID, which you can share with anyone in the real world. To exchange E•ID’s, you just need an internet-enabled mobile phone like an iPhone or Blackberry. When you exchange your E•ID’s, E makes sure your contacts get added to your other social services like Netlog, Twitter, Last.fm, Soocial, automatically.

I think this is a really handy service and I have been given 50 free invites to test it out amongst my friends real life and online. So here’s what you do:

Register at http://www.hellomynameise.com/beta_signup, and refer to brandjoe.com, its that simple!!

Its cool, I like the idea of not having to have a business card available, the only problem is I’m going to need my friends to connect to the service to make it really work- so start signing up!!

Watch the video:

Where I can already see a downfall in this, mainly for selfish reasons it’s going to put me out of business or at least part of my business!! I’m designer and one of my loves is creating all sorts of printed materials, business cards included and this is going to detract from that.

Pperhaps with my designers hat on a method of making this app a little more fun would be a business card creator of sorts…… or not just throwing ideas around really. I may even add my econnect id to my physical business cards….perhaps this is negating the system a little but at least it might spread the word…….

Any way please connect to me if you register – dm me at twitter with your e connect id as i don’t get out much at least not right now – http://twitter.com/brandjoe

PS you may of heard me on twitter talking about a new web app I intend to develop with some colleagues – its no lie i hope to start building it very soon (not another one i hear you say)…..there’s nothing like it out there and gonna be really benefiical to indiviuals, instituitons and businesses alike……promise.