We thought a more light hearted post was required at this time of year, so here’s 5 of our favourite gifts for the social media addicts in your life, or if you’re the addict just go a buy them for yourself 😉

1. Book your facebook

We love this idea, however much we love the digital world a tangible object is just a great way to remember those special digital moments. EgoBook is a personnalized book created from status updatespublished pictures,wall messages and the comments from a Facebook profile!When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

2. Twitter Sneakers

Mixing up RUN DMC’s classic Adidas trainer and that awesome mirco blogging network. There’s also a facebook option too! The Adidas Facebook & Twitter shoes may or may not increase your friends and followers, but they are a cool way to make a social media statement. These shoes are each one-offs designed by English designer Gerry McKay. So you may find these a little hard top get hold of.

3. Get social in comfort

Social media cushions to keep you comfortable while updating your status and stalking your friends, and a great way to brighten up the office or home. Geeky, Internet inspired, Fan-boy made Pillows. All items are 100% handmade with care.

4. Facebook Photo Frame

Great way to connect and display photos from your facebook profile, might be worth a quick screen of your profile first, sure the in-laws are not going to want to those drunken shenanigans! eStarling’s WiFi digital photo frame that instantly uploads photos of you and your friends through your Facebook account.

5. Frame Flickr

Moo mini cards photo frame, you can connect to flickr and facebook acocunts (to name a few of the social networks) print your images onto their mini cards and then frame them. A great personal gift, pull straight from your social network!We hope your like our gift selection! We will have some more big news on the Social Media Tool Kit early Jan so watch this space.Have a great festive break! Tim and Joe