Creating content is hard. Yes, it can and should be fun, but it still takes time, planning and effort to get right.In my humble opinion, it definitely worth it, though. It’s more engaging, less interruptive than traditional marketing techniques and can be found by Bing etc, unlike a print ad.So with the effort required to create great and compelling content, how are you going to ensure that your content gets noticed?Making sure that it’s helpful, answers the questions that your customers are struggling with and doesnt just focus on selling is key.The best way to do this is to initially spend some time understanding your customers and what makes them tick. Find out what’s their challenges are, where they hang out online and the kind of content they enjoy consuming and interacting with. There is no point, for example, creating a super useful LinkedIn group if all your customers are on Twitter and Facebook.Take the time to really get into the shoes of your customers and what their pain points are. Get this right and your content will become a valuable resource that customers choose to engage with. Getting your content is easy. Its just takes hard work…Picture via Flickr