Hey Guys,

This is the first version of my sound track Have a listen tell me what you think.  This was my feedback to DJ Tigerstyle…………

Mate this is wicked!!!!

Literally there a couple things (if you could)

1. create a 3, 5 and 10 second sound bites from it (so i can use these inbetween gaps in podcasts and videos, make them a diffeent as you can from the track – perhaps make one the brandjoe.com (mentioned later))

2. have a clean track – as you have already done?

3. but also have a track with some scratching over the top, so 2 tracks one with and one with out and if there is any way you can put the words brandjoe.com (record someones voice or just find the words online and then funk them up) in the scratched up track that would be great

It wicked mate!!! really like it its cool like having my own tune!!