After a hectic week, I finally managed to spend some time getting my head around the recent Facebook Messages announcements. I am waiting with patience for my invite (request yours here) to actually check it out, but with my marketing hat on I started thinking about the huge impact this could have on B2C email marketing.Consumer emailWith the potential for FB messages to be a major platform for consumer email, B2C email marketing has potentially become significantly more difficult.Ok, so the whole opt-in thing applies with email (judging from the amount of spam in my inbox this is clearly not working, though), but with FB Messages, if the user has their privacy settings primed to the max unless you are a friend your messages will simply not get through.With this in mind, the core principles of Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing and the concept of inbound/content marketing that were discussed in my recent post on the subject are arguably now more relevant than ever.So with the Facebook Messages privacy options, unless you are creating amazing content that adds value and that people genuinely want, you are literally left out of the party and in the cold.Furthermore, and with particular reference to Godin’s Permission Marketing, unless you create something both remarkable and noteworthy that acts as ‘bait’ to give people a reason to ‘friend’ you, even the most Don Draper like messages in the world are not going to get through.This trend will only get more prevalent, I am sure, with other providers offering the ability to curate and filter your inbox based around those folks that mean the most to you.  Gmail’s priority inbox is just the beginning of this…How are you going to ensure your marketing has the ability to stand out from the crowd?Originally posted on socialBiz

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