An issue that has always niggled, was spurred on by a couple of blogs one by Paul Cash from Hurricane and the other by Dave Fleet, so now is the time to write about it. The First time I became proficient enough in something to be able to pass on my knowledge I was around 14yrs old, I passed my grade 3 guide qualification for teaching disabled how to ski (voluntary work) I felt in a very privileged position, at present I now train people how to guide disabled on the slopes. With coming up to 20 years experience I still don’t consider myself an expert. Every time I visit the slopes or work with a new skier I learn something new, this post is not to highlight my philanthropist activities, the same occurs in my professional life.

I remember taking my CIM diploma in marketing, and my course tutor announcing that “all Marketing is, is Jargonised common sense”, that thought has stuck with me through everything I do. My diploma was great for me, it gave me much more structure to what I had already been doing, I learn’t much at the time, particularly from the planning point of view. I am now in a lucky enough position to pass on my learnings and experiences I have had over the years onto other marketers, through workshops we provide from the agency and the other engagements I have with the IDM and B2B Marketing Magazine, but I will never own up to being an expert and I think very few, if any have the right, in fact if anyone ever said to me they were an expert I’d ask them to qualify it. I have some experience and I’m lucky enough to of had more successes than failures. Failures are great they help you learn, successes are better they show you’re learning from your mistakes. Still no expert though.

As for Bullshit Bingo and Buzz Words this one is a little tougher for me unfortunately there are a world of words out there like “seeding”, “influencer engagement” that actually mean something, these are old words that have been reapplied to new mediums, and while I’m personally all about simplifying what were trying to say to our clients and audiences, sometimes we need to use these reapplied words and explain what they mean. I always aim to to keep everything as jargon free as I possibly can especially in the world of social and digital marketing, where it’s pretty rife in over use and people seem to like to use them as more for vanity than anything else.

So for me there are NO EXPERTS we are always learning, we need to always learn to keep up in the fast paced crazy age we live in and we all need to LOSE THE JARGON whenever possible.

Slight Rant Over.


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