If anyone knows of someone who has done this please let me know but I have done a reasonable amount of research and cannot find what I’m looking for or at least not an adequate solution. If this has never been done before and you have the technology or skill sets to do so please let me know, you can have the idea for free but I’d like to have some involvement/cut in it, I think it could be quite a resalable product.

I’ve had idea recently that stemmed around a company I work for, its relatively small 25 employees, and my ongoing battle of having to change 25 workstations every time there is a small change to company branding.

My though was: I’d like to do more advertising to our existing customers via email, but through what they deem a trusted source i.e. someone within the company they will have regular communications to and from. I also wanted to do it in such a way that it is not pushing it down their throats in the normal hard sale method, just increasing levels of communication, especially when 75 – 80 % of our business is done electronically either through email comms or online purchases

The aim would be to inform customers of new services, product ranges or news, probably bottom right of the email (this is where most peoples eyes end up when reading).

The message would be very simple i.e. we’ve just introduced X range take a look or we’d like to invite you to use our environmental recycling program, with a small eye catching image and a link off to further information, its effectively a method of using an electronic upsell without too much effort, it could even be used a news notification for CSR i.e. we’ve just donated £X to Charity Y.

So the proposed method would be to use a macro/automated script/installer, on installation the user would place their contact details name address mobile number (any non standard company information), on completion of installation this would submit the information to the database and a line of code to the email client that would pull all the information from the central database (this could be managed online), the information would include standard company information, the disclaimer the users details and the space for updateable news/ad.  The updateable news/ad section could be configured from a back end – just, simply by uploading images, adding text and links.

There would obviously need to be a back end system in place to inform the sender which one of their customer has clicked on and shown interest in a news/ad allowing follow up and further sales.

You took this a step further people could actually earn money, in a similar way to adsense but applying it to email ads when ever they receive a click from their email they earn money, this would mean that people would be regularly send people they have trusted communications with useful chosen information, I know msn and yahoo and alike use adds at the bottom of their emails but this is blanket marketing that’s very impersonal and normally just promoting their own products.

So what do you all think good idea or not??? Sure it will need a lot more work than just a few paragraphs that I have put together but I think it has potential….. does anyone out there fancy collab’ing on the idea?