There have been plenty of posts about Dropbox, but in my bid to help promote the webapps I love more in 2009 here’s my version, it’s a great tool that has saved my skin on more than one occasion and I could not recommend more highly!

Store, share and synchronise your files easily online.

Available for Windows / Mac / Linux / Web and iPhone Dropbox instantaneously backs up and syncs your files over the Internet and to any computer. Which means the system is not only great for ensuring the safety of your important information, but also sharing files across different computers and with colleagues in different geographic places.

Once installed Dropbox creates a folder on your hard drive, any file placed inside the folder is synced with the web server, other machines you install Dropbox on and with other Dropbox users given permissions to access your shared folders. Any changes are monitored each time a file is saved and it also provides revision history, so if you accidentally overwrite a file you can revert to an older version.

Dropbox is in public beta currently offers 2GB of space for free. You can upgrade for $99 a year for 50GB of space.

Check out the video to find out how it works here and if you want an invite  to use it just send me an email or make a comment on my blog.