My presentation given to the B2B Summit on the 14th June:

In today’s connected, Googled, social world, there is a reality; more content will be created today than existed in entirety before 2003. The simple fact is we have limited time and attention spans. You need to create killer content that will get your target market to engage. While the attention economy is an important consideration when creating content you should not just be attempting to get attention but be turning your content into the talking point in your industry. It should make connections, drive interest, get shared and create advocates.

Some of reactions captured from Twitter:

SageUKCRM Solutions ‏@SageUKCRM
@brandjoe good pressie thanks – now have to work on not being rubbish 😉 and evoke some emotions – need to find some b2b pain or pleasure

Ally ‏@Wicko73
@joel_b2beditor understand the “cause” of your audience @brandjoe and tell stories that evoke emotional connections & reactions

tomjperry ‏@tomjperry
@BrandJoe totally agree – great presentation espec. Framework and persona piece -personas much easier in b2c though

Paul Cash ‏@Zagology
@BrandJoe delivering a great presentation at the #b2bsummit

SageUKCRM Solutions ‏@SageUKCRM
@scotmckee @brandjoe you’re welcome guys, really enjoyed both of your sessions #authentic and #entertaining