Me: Young people are switching media 27 times per hour – do less advertising and create more digital services #velocity

Jon: @BrandJoe thats not 27 different medias though..

Me: @jonthedots True that … (it depends on the definition tho)

Jon: @BrandJoe can I ask what a digital service is?

Me: @jonthedots its all app-tastic in one form or another, stuff that gets people coming back

Jon: @BrandJoe but no branded mobile app-tasm! #ThingsThatDontWork

Me: @jonthedots surely it depends on the brand and the app?

Jon: @BrandJoeutility possibly, but [tweetherder text="most branded apps (95%) have zero usage in 24 weeks..”]most branded apps (95%) have zero usage in 24 weeks..[/tweetherder]

Me: @jonthedots stat 95% origination? #outofinterest – My point is you need to think more utility now, “I want an app” wont work without a why

Jon: @BrandJoe will send over to you tomoz, involved in a global mobile research project at the mo, deep in to so many contradictory ‘facts’ 🙂

Here’s some of the content Jon sent through with his comments:

So I am on this panel including Google, BB, Apple etc.. Looking in to branded apps and the future of mobile advertising. I have read around 1000 articles and research reports on the brand app world and here are some of the snapshots that I have with me now.

Interesting from last year

Starting to talk about the 95% to zero inside 4 weeks

A survey

Consumer unhappyness

Another view of the 95%

Again more deloitte