I’m delivering a Content Marketing Course on behalf of the IDM.

Below is a great piece of content I found recently it’s had 4 million views in under a month, what a great way to launch a new funnel creative business, straight talking, humorous content that solves a pain point.

Below that is a brief synopsis of what you can expect to get from the day, if you’d like to know more or register go to The IDM course page.

Benefits to you and your company

You will walk away from this one-day course understanding why your organisation should be generating content for your audience and how you can go about doing this.

Who should attend?

The course is ideal for anyone who needs to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and practicalities of generating content.

Course Programme

  1. An introduction to content marketing – what it is and why it is valuable to your business
  2. Focus on the ‘owned, paid and earned’ media model
  3. Understand what drives people to share content and the different types of sharers
  4. Create a content strategy to realise you business goals
  5. Turn your department into a publishing house
  6. Create your editorial guide and calendar around business activity
  7. Understand the different types of content and where they work in the business decision-making process read ( Infusionsoft Reviews )
  8. Understand the methods for successfully co-creating content with your audience
  9. Don’t create content, curate it!
  10. Examples and case studies of content
  11. Practical session: work within the channels and create some content you can use within your business the following day, spreading content across multiple channels.