Marketing in the web 2.0 era of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn requires a fundamental change in the way that organisations approach and manage their marketing activities. Unlike in the pre-web 2.0 era whereby traditional media presented the only communications channel available to marketers and that all messages could be carefully composed by a team of marketing and legal professionals, the range of new social tools that can now be utilised has impacted this more considered approach to Marcomms considerably.Web 2.0 tools has essentially democratised the media space to a point whereby anyone with an internet connection can create an audience that far exceeds that of the New York Times. These same tools have also given the customers of both B2C and B2B organisations a platform to discuss, promote and, potentially, critise an organisations products and services. With these conversations taking place, it is no longer appropriate for organisations to be closed and guarded with the information that they share with their community or fail to engage with their prospects and customers.A shift in culture, to become more open and readily accepting of new forms of communication, is therefore crucial for many organisations to embrace these changes and opportunities.With this in mind, it is suggested that all staff should be empowered to use social tools such as Blogs, Twitter and Facebook in order to help generate useful content for the inbound marketing strategy that was discussed in a previous post and listen, support and engage with the marketplace. The ultimate aim of which is to develop an environment that is less based in interruption and more focused on engagement.With this more transparent, authentic and open culture in place, the use of social media then becomes more than just the individual selection of tools that are available and used.Arguably, these tools actually become interchangeable, as and when new platforms become available, and reinforces the fact that it is far more about the culture, underlying principles and the overall strategy than the tools themselves.For more info please visit