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My Twiffic Little Christmas Present for You

Some of you may of already guessed by this post it has something to do with twitter, and you’d be right, it’s all about how to streamline the social media status process and give your audience some value.

Screen shot 2009-12-18 at 16.52.13

If you follow me on twitter @brandjoe you may notice that I fairly regularly post a “What I’m reading:” tweet (above), I thought I’d share with you how I do this, I took about 5 mins to set up and it means it’s nice and automated. Plus you won’t have to think about tweeting too often, it also means that my followers are getting some form a value from me, rather than just tweeting inane BS, that noboby has any interest in.

So here’s how to do it, firstly you’ll need a Google Reader account and a Twitterfeed account. Once you have these go to your Google Reader and the settings and click on the “Folders and Tags” tab, now set “your starred items” to public as shown below.

Screen shot 2009-12-18 at 16.19.18

Now “view public page” and you will be able to access and copy the RSS link from that page.  Access your twitterfeed account and set it up so that your starred RSS feed pushes to your twitter account.

It’s best to select the “Advanced Settings” (see below) when creating your feed and I personally choose to only push 3 tweets every hour (anymore I think people just get annoyed). Also you may add a prefix and suffix to each tweet my prefix’s are “What I’m reading:” (from Google Reader) and “Worth a Read:” (from My Blog)

Screen shot 2009-12-18 at 17.17.37

I use suffix hash tags:

#fb – this pushes my blog only tweets to my facebook status using the “selective twitter status” app in facebook

#in – pushes the tweets to linkedin (reader starred items) which you can set up in the linkedin profile settings

So that’s it your all set up to go, now google reader does provide it’s own method to share posts, but this is not nearly as simple and streamlined as my method (well at least I don’t think so).

So all that’s left to do is test it, simply star an item that you have read or you think will be of interest to your audience and then watch it automatically appear in your status streams. An Example Below:

Screen shot 2009-12-18 at 16.32.10

Screen shot 2009-12-18 at 16.52.13

Hope you All have a Great Christmas and NewYear!

Recruitment Revolution Just relaunched

Just a very quick post to say www.recruitmentrevolution.com has just been launched, design by yours truly, developed by firecreek.

I will be writing a good long case study about this site shortly, but thought I was worth me posting something up now.

Included full interface design for both client admin areas and brand site. Love to know what you think of the new site, your feedback would be much appreciated.

Picture 3


SmokinSigs is a webapp from Strike Designs and Brand Joe. We’ve collaborated to create a new communication tool on a personal level and a new channel to market in the business arena…. and at the moment that’s all I can say as we have a competition on for 30 free pro accounts for life. 30 lucky people who can guess exactly what this new web app will do will win these accounts… for all the details please visit SmokinSigs

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Gaining a larger audience for your site

Before I start bleating on about methods to gain a larger audience for your site…I just wanted to point out my “micro-podcast” left hand panel on my site, click on it to subscribe via itunes – it will be full of things about my life, marketing tips, design influences and other exciting tit bits. Brought to you via Audioboo another great little iphone app. Now the advertising bit is out of the way I’ll move on……

Whether you have a new website or one you’ve had for a while, to gain more visitors and encourage repeat visits you will need to regularly promote and update it in order to build your audience, generate leads and ideally sales.
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I Love Evernote

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever mobile device or online platform you’re accustomed to. It enables the information you choose to store to be readily accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere. It’s quite simply a second brain that will mean you’ll never forget anything again!

Synchronize anything, on the web, your desktop, your phone and in the cloud. Everything you put into Evernote is always synchronized across all of your devices. That way, all your information is available to you wherever you are.

Here’s just some of the features of Evernote, helping you remember everything:

  • Create new notes using desktop, web, and mobile versions of Evernote.
  • Take a snapshot using your camera phone or webcam – Evernote will even recognize the text in the image.
  • Clip entire web pages, screenshots, and just about anything else you can copy.
  • Drag and drop content into the desktop clients for Mac and Windows.
  • Email notes directly into your account using your personal email address.
  • Scan receipts, recipes, tags, brochures, and anything else into Evernote.
  • Record audio wherever you are and listen to it whenever you want.

Evernote is free but if you feel the need, you can update to get the following premium features:

  • Add any file you’re currently working on to your Evernote content.
  • Get a huge 500MB monthly allowance, plus a new 500MB each month.
  • Get better, stronger security during all of your interactions with the Evernote service.

One of the other handy additions to Evernote is that you can share your information online, with some handy widgets and public web pages. These can be used as scrapbooks, photo albums, wish lists or just to simply share your information with friends and colleagues.

I could not recommend Evernote more, it’s one of the handiest applications I have on my mobile, laptop and desktop for everyday use.


There have been plenty of posts about Dropbox, but in my bid to help promote the webapps I love more in 2009 here’s my version, it’s a great tool that has saved my skin on more than one occasion and I could not recommend more highly!

Store, share and synchronise your files easily online.

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Giving away 50 free invites to E

What is E?

E is a service that integrates all your existing social services into an E•ID, which you can share with anyone in the real world. To exchange E•ID’s, you just need an internet-enabled mobile phone like an iPhone or Blackberry. When you exchange your E•ID’s, E makes sure your contacts get added to your other social services like Netlog, Twitter, Last.fm, Soocial, automatically.

I think this is a really handy service and I have been given 50 free invites to test it out amongst my friends real life and online. So here’s what you do:

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