• Conversation with Jon Holloway on Mobile Apps Me: Young people are switching media 27 times per hour – do less advertising and create more digital services #velocity Jon: @BrandJoe thats not 27 different medias though.. Me: @jonthedots True that … (it depends on the definition tho) Jon: @BrandJoe can I ask what a digital service is? Me: @jonthedots its all app-tastic in one form or another, […] brandjoe 0 Comments 7th June 2012
  • Second Screen Mentality The second screen, for those of you who are unaware of the terminology, is essentially taking the idea that your mobile device whether smartphone, tablet or even in some cases laptop can accompany what you are viewing. The pretence is that more and more people are using these devices at home while watching TV. A […] brandjoe 0 Comments 17th March 2012

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