I still get surprised by the number of business’s struggling with how to get their heads around social, and how to integrate it within their company. Below is a brief synopsis on how you can integrate social into both the marketing mix and  the business in general, for the better.Marketing deptartment – probably one of  the more prevelant departments to use social, they should be planning social related campaigns and engagement strategies for the rest of the business and developing content that can be seeded into communities. They could also be using social to communicate internal messages using closed groups.The sales team – perhaps your sales force should be engaging with a target audience via twitter and linkedin, using it to build relationships and move contacts into their sales cycle. Social media can also be used to help find real word events for further networking opportunites.Customer service – using social streams to respond to questions has to be cheaper than making phone calls. You can build communities to nurture self help; Get satisfaction is a great example of this and could reduce time spent helping customers. Listen for problems brought up in back channels and try to resolve them – showing the helpful nature of the business.Finance department – may use internal / locked down social networks such as ning or yammer to let employees know how the business is doing and if they are hitting targets.Production teams: they can use social to research ideas for product and service development, they can also seed ideas out to their communities to see if they like the ideas before putting them into production.Your Board – the top dogs in the business, should be sharing ideas and opinions on the state of the their industry and some insight into their personalities, and where people can network with them in the real world. Placing your business at the top of your the sector through thought leadership.HR departements – using social to create a pool of potential new employees or connections for referrals, therefore saving the costs of negotiating expensive recruitment agencies.These are just a few ideas of how your business can get on in social, it very much depends what your business is doing specifically and how you can use social and your content, but I hope some of these ideas will at least reduce some of the confusion. Social and Content marketing is not a quick fix, the sooner business’s can wake up to this, the sooner they will reap the benefits to this inbound method of marketing and how it creates WOM, advocacy and builds relationships.Social must be taken out of mass marketing and focus on real people (not personas) connect with these people make them delighted with you and your business and they will pass on the good word.Flickr image cred