What is blogging? Essentially a blog (short for web log), is a method of keeping an online journal or diary, where people, if given access can provide comments to your entries.

Business blogging is getting more and more popular and is a great method to communicate to your audience directly and with the correct blogging platform you can also gain useful insight about your audience.  Did you the total internet audience is over 804.5million, the number of people visiting blogging sites is over 50% of the internet audience and the average number of blogs individuals view is around 60!!*  Proving that this truly is an established communication channel and very much here to stay.  Here’s a few tips about blogging:

  • If your not the decision maker within your company ensure you get permission to start a company blog.
  • Make sure your blog is fun, entertaining and has a light-hearted conversational tone.
  • Keep it current, ensure you set out a rough plan for your blog even if you’re just updating it once a month (although once a week would be better).
  • Don’t censor any comments made, customers will want to see two sides to every story, remember you can always constructively counter their comments.
  • Monitor your blog ensure they comply with legal and company polices, including keep trade secrets under wraps.

If you’d like any more information about business blogging and how it can benefit your business please get in contact, I’ll be happy to help.

*source comScore World Wide Metrix