So in this post I thought it a good opportunity to write about some of the books I love and used the wordpress iPhone app for the first time. Had it installed for ages first time I’ve thought to use it bad I know. All in all an awesome app (so far)

Ok so here’s an eclectic mix of books for you:

No Logo by Naomi Klein – site

Essentially an anti-establishment book about how bad corporations are, I found this a tough read to be honest but very very interesting, based around how the big corps use marketing to hide bad and often illegal practices, it also picks up on how marketing is essentially forcing messages onto the general population without our permission.

Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts – site

A complete contrast talking up the pro’s of marketing and how corporations can get their audience to love them and their brand and make them irrationally loyal – much like love. Being a marketer and also heavily into design I thought this a worthy read, and the fact that he mentions how we can counter act against the likes of Naomi Klein was just great to get both sides of the story.

Watchmen – wiki

Is quite simply the best graphic novel I’ve read but don’t go to the cinema expecting your a typical superhero movie and I seriously suggest you read the book before you go. My favourite character in the story is Rorschach, completely unforgiving and dark character… Read the novel to find out more

The Akira collection – movie site

Again an uber cool collection of manga books and a really good movie to boot. Futuristic Japanese goodness

Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson – review

Arguably the words best basketball coach, and a bit of a hippy, this book obviously has most of it’s references from the beautiful game ( no not football you UK nuts) but basketball. In in Phil talks about teamwork and life lessons. Some of which I try to apply to my life on and off the court.

This really is just a few of the hundreds of books and graphic novels (yes a adult way of saying big comics) I own and read, the rest of my books generally consist of design books for reference and inspiration and other non fiction themes – fiction is something I’ve never really been able to get into unless it takes the form of a graphic novel.

If anyone has and recommendations of books or graphic novels worth reading please add a comment.

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