In this time of economic down turn, most business owners will know they must be proactive, which includes the need to maintain spend on marketing and advertising. For some businesses, economic down turn can even provide great business opportunities, as this is a time when potential customers are looking for methods to better their bottom line by moving to alternative products and suppliers that are perceived to save expenditure.

At this point your business must look at working harder and smarter with your marketing budget to gain the required awareness and take advantage of the opportunities available to you.  When there is an economic down turn traditional methods of marketing and advertising such as newspaper and radio advertising, printed brochures and direct snail mail can be incredibly expensive. New technologies have radically changed the nature of marketing and advertising. No mater how large or small your company, you can get your message to your target audience by taking advantage of new technologies such as, banner advertising, email marketing, producing online articles, video and audio (podcasting). Comparatively speaking you’ll these technologies (even the production) can often be far cheaper than traditional methods.

It’s time you know exactly where your marketing budget is going and exactly what you are getting for them. Utilizing new technologies will show a return on investment (ROI) in realtime, if not almost immediately. Can you say the same about your last print ad campaign?

As the world becomes more technology proficient there is a huge market to take advantage of and if your not ,the chances are your competitors will be. Using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, well placed email campaigns, directory listings and online articles and combining these with e-commerce and communications will help, inexpensively boost your turnover and profits in these difficult times.

The other advantage of using new technologies to for communications and commerce is you are no longer wasting precious physical and natural  resources, your doing your bit to help save the planet, and this can have a positive impact on your companies corporate and social responsibilities and assist with growth and loyalty of your customers.