Building on my previous post on company culture and social media, the use of agencies with regard to managing social media and the range of skills required from the marketing team is also important.Taking the need for an organisation to be more open, authentic and transparent into consideration, it is suggested that external agencies are not used to manage social media related activity. Whilst specialist agencies can be used to help educate an organisation about the tools that are available and help create an effective strategy, it is suggested that organisations ensure that from a medium and long term basis that the day to day management of social media is retained in-house. Agencies can, however, also be used to help create the necessary culturerequired for social media success.It is also recommended that organisations work closely with their SEO agency, if one is appointed, to ensure that all social media related activity is integrated with the organisations ongoing SEO management to maximise the impact of their inbound marketing efforts. In-house teams should obviously focus on this if an external agency is not used.Your organisation is definitely missing a trick if social media is not a core element of your ongoing SEO strategy!Furthermore, with this combined SEO and and social media management taken into consideration, is it proposed that the ‘new marketer’ should aim to be 1/2 traditional marketer and 1/2 publisher. In the era of web 2.0 and inbound marketing, content is one of the most significant elements of the marketers arsenal and it is important that marketing departments are equipped with the skills to create content that can meet the needs of their customers (note that the content should be written for customers and not all about the companies latest ‘innovative market leading whatever it is’). This content will range from blog posts, video and white papers etc. The significance of this will be discussed in a future post on content and inbound marketing.How are your structuring and organising you organisation/marketing department to deliver maximum impact with your social media activities?It would be great to hear more in the comments below.