What I’ve Learnt from Social Media Listening

Presented at TFM&A 2014 – I uncover some of the techniques used to understand audiences through social media listening and measuring, how it can inform social, business and marketing strategy, hone social media activity and work to improve brand perception. As part of the presentation he’ll also look at various brands and case studies to identify real world examples.

Herding Cats part 2

Speaking at the event production show 2014A recent study showed that awareness is the key objective for event managers using social media but 80% of these individuals are not using listening tools to measure their effectiveness. In this presentation I discuss how to use Social Media to drive awareness, some key metrics for measuring it and the learnings and advantages you can gain from Social Media listening through structuring a wealth of unstructured data. I also high-light some of the new social platforms that have come to market and how best to take advantage of them.

2014 – It’s not a resolution it’s a mind set

Imagination and graft

Why does this statement hold true for me? I’m sure the data heads would disagree that knowledge is more important that imagination, my point is if you cannot imagine what to do with that knowledge, the knowledge is pointless. As for graft over talent, well I’ve seen some of the most talented people fail because they simply have not stuck at it and worked hard. You don’t need to be the most talented person in the world you just need to stick with it, focus on what you want to achieve, and make small steps to get to it. Make this a mind set, not a resolution.

Social Media 2014


The social media landscape can be a volatile, with platforms making changes to algorithms that drastically effect engagement and traffic, individuals that can bring down companies through negative word of mouth and brands being able to culture or news jack events as they happen. As businesses we need to move away from the idea of traditionally planned marketing activity and create models and processes within the business that can support the brand story while ensuring their is enough flex within the business to deal with the ever changing network economy. Brands that can move away from the media and focus on social involvement will be the winners in the future.


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